Sunday, December 7, 2008

tag from annie si budak cuTe..

1.your fullname? and your name to call to.
~ fadilah, call me ila..

2.your age?
~ 23..owh..tidak..

3.your sweetest thing/things in your own life?
~ sebaik2 cahaya.. (^_^)

4.paling rapat ngan ayah ke mak?
~ mak kot.. tp 2-2 mcm same je..hehe..

5.thing/things you do like the most?
~ karaoke dgn fida..hehe..

6.lagu apa yang anda pilih sekarang?and for who?
~ you're my everything, for sebaik2 cahaya.. but actually lagu ni from him to me.. hehe..

7.benda paling memalukan dalam hidup?
~ jatuh dpn ramai org kot.. hehe..

8.adakah anda menyukai seseorang tanpa pengetahuannya?why?
~ x.. die tau.. we love each other.. hehe..

9.kalau anda dapat berhentikan masa, apakah perkara pertama, kedua dan ketiga yang anda akan lakukan?
~ hmm.. xmola.. bia mase b'jln mcm biase..

1o.what kind of friend you want to have?
~ baik, jujur, memahami, kwn ssh n snang..

11.please answer following question--> :D

i) If you have to choose to save some1, who will you save?
(a)parents and family

ii) What happiness means to you?
(a)being very rich:D
(b)having many friends:)

iii) You are walking the street, you spot a coin on the side walk. you??
(a)quickly pick it up
(b)keep walking
(c)look around before picking

iv) Your friend has large chunk of spinach stuck in her/his
(a)tell her/him
(b)ignore it and pretend that you're not seeing it.
(c)pass her/him a mirror

v) What is the most annoying think about cellphones for you?
(a)people talkin loud
(b)noisy ringtones
(c)I brought and lost it


Anonymous said...

oit. org nk raya2 main tag2 plak. nnt la org wat kalu rajen. hehe

farha ; annie said...

tx sbb jawab:DD

^^ iLa_siNdaReLa ^^ said...

@ bubbles - hehe..kene rajin kn dri gak wat..=p

@ annie - same2..kdg2 best gak lyn tag ni..hehe.. said...

thanks ila